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Information about the appeal of Alopecia

Pull by chronic traction alopecia (train) into the hair roots. Drag alopecia occurs in most African American women and men, the braided hair is very good. Even in the other ethnic groups, the traditional styles, the hair rinse.

Man, the hair dryer, which already this type of hair loss. Alopecia Mechanica, in such cases can lead to permanent hair loss if the wig is the same place over a longer period.

An example of ethnic groups, pull hair loss usually occurs in pre-adolescents, adolescents, young adults, it is not long, for both men and women.

It EUMA hair, unless the style of fashion and hair style and methods which, because of the baldness and hair loss among young people of today. Hair loss in this case because the majority of alopecia train. Hair by the length of hair and very tight because of damage to the hair Flechtmuster, hair and tissue trenzitas.

The use of the style of hair, like a dry sponge curlers or rollers may also improve the traction alopecia. Pull hair loss is often used as a patch of hair loss in hair and hair follicles, the high pressure. Hair loss may be anywhere on the scalp, depending on the hair or hair loss, a process that is in power. Long Pull alopecia cicatricielle May for new hair and hair loss are.

Train hair loss is a frequent cause of temporary loss of hair. In general, alopecia train in the early stages of the affected follicles telogendescansando promotion in the country, with an injury to confirm the hair after the hair is forced to take.

Drag alopecia is reversible if an early diagnosis. Permanent hair loss can be very slow immediately recognized. Often there is loss of hair on the front and a series of hair, but also the adjacent area in which they made and the damaged hair.

An effective treatment is to avoid hairstyles pressure on the hair. Even with the elimination of the causes of hair loss is possible, the three months to get back her hair. Head of the local pull chronic alopecia May never heal.

Drag does not normally cicatricielle alopecia, non-inflammatory form of hair, long hair, but the style of violence is more than 3 years or more, the cells of the immune system and wound healing light infiltration irreversible damage to the hair follicles. Chronic form of alopecia afibrose to finally pull the hair follicles and the total amount for the damage to some hair follicles. Once destroyed the hair does not grow in all cases where the train chronic alopecia may be seen as a scar alopecia cicatricielle.

Alopecia sweaters are still not responding to treatment, such as minoxidil or finasteride due to non-genetic hair loss. The only way to train hair loss is hair transplantation. Follicular unit hair transplantation was considered the only viable solution for the treatment of hair loss shootings.

The number of patients, the alopecia is a hair transplant clinic general treatment is to improve and ensure the correct answers.

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