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Please note on the new hair

Do not worry if one day no longer the hair can be combed? Of course! do not want it all.

Her hair is not really gone into the night, even if you find that your hair is thin in May can be very fast. During the mid-twenties, usually in the hair grow too slowly, and this applies to men and women. Absence or decreased production of estrogen is often the reason for women hair loss.

There are currently two drugs available on the market that slow the loss of hair and effectively in almost half of the users. It is minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia).

Minoxidil is the only drug for men and women suffer from hair loss. It is on the table without a prescription. Appeals must be compatible with profit-loss minoxidil different.

Minoxidil must be done before the large loss of hair for best results. However, minoxidil does not promise better results than a few rows back. This works better with only Balding points. Investigation of a company that Rogaine, minoxidil suggest that about one quarter of men aged 18 to 49 show the growth of hair, especially in the crown of the head after four months with the product.

Under the name Propecia Finasteride only in the type of prescription from the doctor. This pill is only for men. You also have the key to success is used to display the results with this drug. This report is a medicine to reduce appetite, while the user.

There are a number of drugs which are still in development. Including diazoxide and Tricomin. Reports suggest that the bag tricomine promotion of hair growth and follicle assets under management. Diazoxide in the expanded blood vessels in the skin, the same Rogaine.

Thinning hair is typically provided by the other side of the parent or parents of people who believe that the popular hair loss is the father only. Balding near you tend to lose hair. True also that the hair loss problem, most men. Half of those who are the age of 50 years of experience in the hair in the temple or crown of the head. Meanwhile, about four women experience hair is too thin, because the decline in estrogen production, the problems associated with menopause.

In general, the feeling that the courses of hair brush 100 a night can be used to improve hair growth, all the truth, even in May, to hair loss.

You should consult your dermatologist if you suddenly a severe alopecia. Your dermatologist should determine whether the condition is caused by a sudden illness, hormonal changes or stress. Some medications can also cause sudden loss of hair and check the status of your dermatologist. May issue of the other entries of vitamin A, or even higher than the rare disease Alopecia Areata waves are small.

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