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In preparing the hair transplant surgery

At the beginning of the consultation, the surgeon monitors the patient, the wishes and expectations and advise the best procedure and what results can reasonably expect.

For several days before surgery, the patient should avoid the use of drugs or alcohol, which can result in poor collection of grafts cause bleeding. Usually, antibiotics are prescribed before surgery to prevent infection.

In the hair transplant surgery

Hair transplantation surgery usually takes about four months ago and with mild sedation (optional) and an injection of local anesthetic. This applies to the head with shampoo and chemical treatment of hair implanted antibactericidas before.

The surgeon to harvest a strip of scalp, which then, in the region with the growth of hair. While the wound is closed as a result, the wizard began to dissect the Follicular unit grafts from the strip of skin.

Working with the binocular microscope, it takes great care to eliminate the network with more fat and fiber without damage to the Follicular cells that produce the first birth of a new hair.

Surgical hair transplants can save up to 50 grafts per square centimeter to obtain a good density and appearance

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