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Hair transplant methods have now

at the time - the period before the hair transplant is not in a position, the cosmetic result is better, which can not be accepted by many people. Patients with un attractive scars, is the reason why there is less aesthetic. The problem is that the transplant is done with the cap 4 mm, so that the hair grafts in the middle of this trend indicates that the increase rule because of lack of oxygen.

because this is "very interesting" Surgeons small grafts taken from the network used in the frequency range, and the donor is located on the back of the neck. Coverage provided by the donor strip surgical scalpel instead of a punch. Sometimes, in the 1990s, Surgeons Ponche full value under the knife for.

Further improvements in the field of hair transplantation Follicular Unit introduction came transplants, better known by the name of FUT in 1995. In this process, the follicular unit hair restoration in the natural skin from the patient's head, usually one to four hairs. Donor network collected through the use of one, not a lot of tapes on the back of the neck. In addition, the follicular units and then deducted from this band. If done correctly, this process allows the surgeon to create FUT aesthetic results that can be received.

There is another method of Follicular Unit Extraction. but the doctor refused because the surgeon there kekurangannya. This method is the dispersion of the Follicularis's head without using a conventional cut. And even if this is the Follicular Unit Extraction May seem more attractive to patients, there are still some problems to find and even most doctors are very selective in their use, because time is high.

Losses of this type is that it is not so much that the hair transplant donor Follicularis unit, because it only removes the hair follicles. But this natural process can result. Surgeons will be the more money for the acquisition of the norms of Follicularis transplant medicine, as it requires more time and energy. Although the cost, patient information will be very, very careful in the choice of the surgeon because the operation requires great technical expertise.

So, now you need to re-think if you want to transplant the hair, because it will ensure that you do not have appropriate procedures scars. Is enough for you when you select a surgeon and find experts and not cheap. With a hair transplant you will get it like that before and can help to restore the confidence and our self. so you do not stand behind hair loss, wig. because of the hair transplant, hair back to normal you will not like what happened - what on it.

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